To join, enter /register in-game!
Knibbex Season V is here! Come and join us for the new world! 

Important Notes & Changes:
• The creative world has been removed.
• Please make sure you don't build within the spawn region, you can see it on the dynmap. 
• Until a new spawn has been planned, there will be no building shops at spawn.
• A region at spawn will be designated for TradeShops until building at spawn is allowed.
• The End...


Hey everyone! The next server-wide event is here: UHC TOURNAMENT 2!

Not that anyone would remember/know but we did a UHC Tournament in Season 1 with a great turnout and fun matches. There will be a knockout tournament of UHC 1v1 matches which hopefully will be available for everyone to see! We'll be aiming to host these matches daily, depending on people's availability.

NOTE: If you aren't...
Hey everyone! We've updated to 1.19! The server has been updated to The Wild Update. This announcement will go into a few important notes for players to know as well as the key additions to minecraft in the 1.19 update.

Important NotesCHALLENGES ARE CURRENTLY DISABLED - The plugin required to run our daily, weekly, and monthly challenges has yet to be updated, so until it has, challenges are no...