Knibbex is currently on version 1.19.2

The world seed is private to prevent players gaining an advantage through generating the world in single player to find structures and loot. 

Simply go to to create or vote on suggestions! 

If the event is intended for the entire player base, then contact Gutsy to discuss planning and setting it up. Otherwise, if the event is just between a few players, then there is no need to contact a staff member, go ahead and have fun!

To get a circle, just submit a request here:
NOTE: This isn't instant, Yavor will add it next time he is adding them.

Place a sign on a chest with the first line being [Trade]. Your chest should now be a tradeshop. To set the product, do /ts setProduct e.g. /ts setProduct 32 oak_wood To set the cost, do /ts setCost e.g. /ts setCost 32 diamonds To see the sale, do /ts what while looking at the tradeshop sign.


For more information: 

When you donate to Knibbex, your donation goes towards server hosting, plugin development, and website hosting. We aim to deliver the best experience possible and use dedicated hardware and premium plugins to host and run our server. 

All donations go towards server costs and grant no in-game items. Some of our members enjoy this of our server and wish donate to simply assist with server costs, for which we are extremely grateful.

Donation Perks:

  • /hat
  • /spawn
  • /back
  • /headsdb search
  • Can have their nickname change (as long as it contains an element from your username, so people can still identify you)
  • Donator rank in-game
  • Colour in-game chat
  • Donator rank on website
  • Custom avatars on website, including gifs.
  • World Border Pass

If you would like to donate to the server, visit .

There is a world border, it is currently set to a radius of 15,000. There is an extra 5,000 radius that is accessible by Donators. This area will be reset before each update and then used to generate the new terrain. Therefor, this area can be used for anything.

Of course! Just make sure it doesn't damage anything in their base or could lead to any offence being taken. Also, refrain from repeated pranking the same person, especially if they don't prank you back.

Our simulation distance is set to 6, and our render distance is set to 12. 

Yes, these forms of duping are allowed. But any item duping outside of the three above are not. 

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